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Parker’s Heritage Collection – Wheated Mashbill Aged 10 Years – Cask Strength – 90-100

Price – 750 ml – $62.99 – (King Wines and Liquor

Method – 3 ice cubes – Three fingers in 8 oz. rocks glass

Rating – 90-100 – standard rating scale for wine and spirits

Review – 

This bourbon wasn’t even on my list of whiskey’s to try/buy but  the local store from which I buy my hooch had it at a pretty good deal so I picked it up.  I did note that it was a wheated whiskey, and being a lover of another wheated whiskey (Maker’s Mark and Maker’s Mark 46) I thought this might be a good selection.  Also this is a cask strength whiskey which was another thing I hadn’t delved into yet.  So those things combined, it seemed like a good exploratory purchase.  At 63.9% abv, this is by far the most potent whiskey in my collection, and it definitely lived up to that on the first dram, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Continue reading