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WWT celebrates Word Whiskey Day with a toast and a dram!

Thanks to our friends over at Angel’s Envy (click here to go to their facebook and like them), I read that today, March 27th, 2012, is the first ever World Whiskey Day.  Since it bears a resemblance to this very blog title, and since it IS whiskey oriented, I thought I should write up a little piece about our favorite caramel colored liquid and its day in the sun (or in the dark cabinet since the sun will prematurely age the fine liquid).

When I started poking around the net to get some info about the genesis of a day dedicated to our favorite libation, I came across a story on http://www.scotsman.com , that lay the story pretty bare.  A college student by the name of Blair Bowman went looking for World Whiskey Day after learning of World Gin Day which was a huge hit in Spain.  Upon finding out that there wasn’t one, he quickly bought up the virtual real estate associated with the day, and set about starting a whiskey empire with his own personal holiday as his flagship.  Click here to read the article from Scotsman.com (which is a fine piece of writing if I do say so myself).   I will do my very best to post a review or two this evening.  St. Patrick’s Day saw me sick and unable to imbibe, so I have a few bottles left without review.

Overall, I found myself as surprised as Mr. Bowman when learning that there wasn’t a whiskey holiday, even if St. Patrick’s day (rather insensitively some would say – I not being among them) is an unofficial one, but if this does even half as well as Bowman hopes it to do, then we should have a really exciting addition to our drinking schedules.  Either way, I look forward to seeing how this whole thing pans out.

But until then… Happy World Whiskey Day from Whiskey World Tour!




p.s.  Special thanks to our friends over at http://boozedancing.wordpress.com for the repost and the kind words.   Great members of the community and knowledgeable folks all around.  I learn something every time I read an article.  (check em out)




My first 1000


Milestones are all about reminding yourself about the journey it’s taken to get to a certain point.  My first 1000 views have been a blast, getting to know new people, learning new things, and drinking new whiskeys all along the way.  Here’s to my next 1000, and for those of you who read and comment, thank you for acknowledging me, even if it is only by spending the time to look at the words I string together on the page.



Blanton’s Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon – Rating 94-100

Price – 750 ml – $45 – ( http://www.shoppersvineyard.com )

Method – 1 tablespoon water in two fingers

Rating – 94-100

Review –

The first review of 2012 should be a good one to kick us off, and being the bourbon-head that I am I decided to go with a whiskey, recently purchased, and thoroughly loved.  Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is touted to be the first single barrel whiskey to be sold on the open market, and its refinement definitely shows.  The bottle is unique, if a little odd, and reminds me of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.  The bronze horse on the top of the cork is actually pretty cool looking up close and it comes in a nice bag that I’ll probably use for a while in any case.  I know of a few different levels of Blanton’s, Silver Gold and Green labels, (rather like JW does) but its really hard to find anything other than the standard brown label bottles (in my experience). Continue reading

Buffalo Trace vs. Buffalo Trace Single Barrel – Side by Side Review – BTSB 79-100

The format of this review may be a bit different since I’m doing a side by side comparison, but I figured I would at least give the regular information for the new and unreviewed whiskey, being the single barrel Buffalo Trace.  As far as I can tell this is a special selection for the liquor store I frequent in New Jersey.  ( www.shoppersvineyard.com )

Price – 750 ml – $26.99 – ( http://www.shoppersvineyard.com )

Method – 1 Ice cube in Glencairn glass

Rating – 79-100

Review –

So this would be my first side by side comparison of what promises to be two very similar whiskeys.  The first, Buffalo Trace, I have already reviewed and you can click to read that review which was a favorable one.  The new one is a Single Barrel version of the same whiskey, aptly names Buffalo Trace Single Barrel.  Like I said above as far as I can tell this is a very limited occasion and was hand selected by the purchasing team at Shoppers Vineyard.  This is their explanation:

“I made my first trip down to Kentucky about 8 years ago. Back then, bourbon wasn’t as big as it is now, but I had a feeling it was ready to explode… and I was right. Items that were readily available back then are impossible to get now. The prices have also SKYROCKTED, which is not a good thing but that’s what happens when demand FAR exceeds supply.  Continue reading

Buffalo Trace – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 81-100

Price – 750 ml – $23.99 – (local http://www.shoppersvineyard.com)

Method – 2 ice cubes

Rating – 81-100 – standard rating scale for wine and spirits

Review –

Buffalo Trace Distillery is both the oldest existing distillery in the U.S. and the home to several small batch bourbons which I will no doubt be reviewing in the future (Most notably Blanton’s Small Batch).  The easiest part of this whiskey is buying it.  At 23.99 for a 750ml bottle, it’s probably on the lower end of cost in my collection but not at the bottom as far as taste goes.

My first glass of BT was surprising.  I was expecting more burn and less flavor for the price they put on this bottle but instead got a nice broad flavor profile to go along with the burn.  Let me say that the first drink was a kick in the mouth, a little reminiscent of Knob Creek with the punch, but mellowed out pretty soon after it and gave a nice and sweet (if very short finish).  I would say the strength of this whiskey would be its bold wood and rye flavors.  I tend to like very wood heavy whiskeys and this definitely didn’t disappointing in that regard.  The invariable weakness of the whiskey is the finish.  The oak finishes strong, but it doesn’t last very long and the burn that comes along with it doesn’t diminish, even after letting my ice open flavors fully.

I will likely buy BT again, if for no reason that its a very well priced bourbon with a good punch for those rough days.  I would recommend it, to someone who likes bourbon, but not to someone who is on the fence.  Definitely an acquired dram.

For a side by side comparison of this and Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Click Here.

Official Website: http://www.buffalotrace.com/

Official Description:   (their official description is about 3 pages long.  if youre interested go read it.  a lot of good info there 🙂 )

The Taste

Light bronze in color with streaks of gold, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey bears a complex aroma of vanilla, mint, and molasses. Its taste is pleasantly sweet and contains notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak and leather. The long and dry finish has significant depth. When enjoyed with water, flavors of toffee, dark fruit and anise are revealed