Want to become a contributor?

So you’re interested in contributing to the reviews here at Whiskey World Tour, eh?  It’s a very easy process to review, and we are always looking for more enthusiasts to throw their opinions out there.  Just a few things you should know first.

1. Language – This is an adult subject so censorship is kept to a minimum but mainly when talking about the whiskey try to keep it simple.  Our aim is to keep the conversation light and open.  A laymen should be able to read your post and know approximately what a whiskey tastes like.  example.

JW. double black – (normal Review)

“On the nose, Double Black offers aromas of peat smoke, oak and dried fruits. Take a sip and notice more of that smoke, plus some pleasant tropical fruit notes, vanilla and spice. It’s quite drinkable, with an easy-going mouthfeel and a dry finish, but it’s a bit heavy-handed on the oak, with lots of char coming through.” – Cocktailenthusiast.com

Our review –  “I always found Black Label a bit too smokey and the finish a bit too harsh, and since Black Label is the standard fair for Johnnie Walker, I was admittedly a little turned off by the brand.  Thank God I looked past that prejudiced and bought the bottle of Double Black.  The glass was decidedly less harsh, and while the smoky quality was still very present throughout the glass, once the ice melted a bit, and the alcohol truly opened up, it was an enjoyable experience to be certain.”

“The burn at the outset is pretty bold, however the finish is where this whiskey really shines.  It wouldn’t be a black label without that signature smoke on the follow through, however the smoke is mellowed by a heavy wood flavor that fills your whole mouth rather beautifully.”

Both are only excerpts from the whole review, but we try to stay away from the “palate talk” that most “connoisseurs” go on and on with.  Just use real language that can be easily understood.  Our goal isn’t to show how much we know about whiskey, our goal is to share our experience in a way that is accessible to anyone who happens to read it.

2. Posting – Save the post in draft form  before publishing so I (chuck) can take a look at it.  99-100 times I’ll just say ok but I’d at least like to give you some feedback if I can.  also, use the format on the sticky at the top of the page (you know, the one you clicked on to get here?).

3. To get started, make a profile on wordpress then send me a message.  I’ll try to invite you asap to be a contributor, then it should all be pretty self-explanatory, but if you have trouble just email me.

4.  re-reviews – We are actually very open to someone reviewing a whiskey we have already reviewed.  The only caveat is that you let us know so we can link to the new review in the old review.  Also, post a link to the old review in your new one.  That way people can see that there are multiple takes on each dram.

Thats pretty much it.  I’m glad you were interested enough to click the link and hope to get some feedback soon.

Drink happy.  Drink safe.

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