Woodford Reserve – Double Oaked – 94/100

Price – 750 ml – $44.99 – (www.shoppersvineyard.com)

Method – 50 ml in a Glencairn

Rating – 94-100 – standard rating scale for wine and spirits

Review –

I’m going to start my review by saying… DAMN!  It’s been nearly 3 months since my last actual review, but the semester from hell -in which much whiskey was consumed, much writing was done, but none of it actually made it to the blog- is finally over.  So I’m going to kick off my reinvigorated efforts with a whiskey that completely knocked my socks off.  Woodford Reserve (the original) was a beautiful whiskey, but the one drawback for me was that I got a horrible metallic finish at the very end.  I was hoping to get all the good of Woodford  Reserve original without that terrible finish, what I got was so far beyond that.  But, as I’m fond of saying, “less talk more rock”.

The packaging for this whiskey is nothing too special. If you’re familiar with the Woodford Distiller’s Select bottle, then you will recognize it as the exact same bottle with new labels. I actually do like the original labeling a little more, but I can see with keeping the brand recognition viable. In the end it just makes it seem like less of a standalone expression and more of a modification or limited release of the Distiller’s Select.better, and would like to have seen a new bottle for the new expression, like Maker’s did with Maker’s 46.








The nose on this stuff is pretty soft, as is the flavor to be honest, but 90% of what you get is sweet.  I was expecting overwhelming oak, but what I got was salted caramel on the nose and brown sugar, and a tiiiny bit of oak in the background.  It immediately makes my mouth water every time.

On the first taste is probably the only hit you get of alcohol but its very far in the background and very underwhelming.  It stabs your tongue a bit but the taste that immediately fills your mouth is overwhelmingly beautiful.  Its such a mouth sweeping sweetly smooth taste it feels like I dipped my tongue in caramel and oak.  What the initial flavor reminds me of actually is sucking on a wooden popsicle stick after the sweet treat is gone.  You still have the amazing sugars that have soaked into the wood, but you start to get the wood flavors that taste amazing.  I find myself a huge fan of most heavily wooded whiskeys (and areas to be honest), and this was no slouch.  The finish is long and just like everything else about this whiskey, smoooooth.  I think this whiskey should not be called Double Oaked, but instead Double Smooth.

On a side note, it actually reminded me of the step up you notice from Black Label to Double Black.  Such an overpowering step up that it really sets you on your heels.  Over all I give this monster bourbon a 94.  The only reason it didn’t go any higher on the scale was that it didn’t really have any complexity to it.  The flavor you start with, which is amazing, is the flavor your finish with.  I tend to prefer a whiskey that shapeshifts in my mouth, pushing it further and further until it fades to black.

Give it a shot, or a dram.  I whole heartedly recommend this latest offering from Labrot & Graham.

Official Site: http://www.woodfordreserve.com/DoubleOaked



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