Well I reblogged the other two, I might as well Continue with the series. Since I can’t drink right now (bad tooth getting taken care of today) I will lean on the guys at boozedancing to do what they do best, write great reviews of amazing whiskeys. Keep it up.


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Quick recap…

In mid January, I purchased a Compass Box sampler set that contained five of their core expressions. I have reviewed their Asyla (loved it!). I have also reviewed their Oak Cross (the jury is still out).  Now it’s time for The Peat Monster. Here is what our friends at Compass Box have to say about The Peat Monster:

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I am a college student with a passion for writing, playing music, and collecting/drinking whiskey. I am currently living in Jersey City, Nj with my lovely girlfriend of three years, and am planning on transferring to Rutgers in fall of 2012. I write in all genres but have a real passion for Fiction. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at My Blogs: Literature and various things I write Whiskey info and reviews View all posts by Chuck

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  • G-LO


    You are too kind. Thanks so much for the reblog. Hope you feel better soon! I had some dental issues for at least a month. Thought it was a sinus infection. Turns out it was just a broken wisdom tooth that eventually shattered. Had it pulled and now all is well.

    Looking forward to your triumphant return!


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