St Paddy’s Day is Coming!


So being the half-Irish mongrel that I am, I tend to get giddy when St. Paddy’s comes around.  I feel like my beard gets a little more red in it than usual, and my skin a little more pale.  Also, this will be WWT’s first St. Paddy’s so I figured I might as well do something a little bit special for the Irish Wine lovers in all of us.  I’ve decided to take a poll that will determine the next bottle of whiskey I buy, and if I get some votes I will buy the most voted for and have one hell of an evening.  I’m only going to list bottles that I dont currently own, and they will range in price, but feel free to vote for whichever whiskey makes your Irish tingle.  Enjoy!



p.s. If you dont see one you’d like to suggest, write it in the comment section and I’ll see what I can do.



3 responses to “St Paddy’s Day is Coming!

  • G-LO

    Yo Chuck!

    While my heart wanted to vote for the Redbreast 15 (truly fabulous!), my brain went with the Greenore because I have never had it. There was an opportunity to try some at this Beam Global event we went to last night (Beam owns Cooley Distillers), but unfortunately, all they had was a photo of the bottles. Bastards!

    Look forward to hearing what you wind up buying.


  • Chuck

    Well, I went with the votes and got the Gold Reserve. Had a glass (or three), and let me tell you, that is one BEAUTIFUL whiskey. I won’t post my review until st paddy’s, but thats a quick preview. I think I will pick up a bottle of Greenore in the near future since the mighty G-LO hasn’t tried it yet 😉 Grats on the contest win by the way.



  • Rolando Reid

    Speaking of downtown, McCabe’s Irish Pub , 302 Old Main St., has live Irish/Scottish tunes from acoustic guitarist and singer JJ Smith from noon until 5:30 p.m. The cupboards are full of Irish whiskey and Guinness will be flowing from the tap all night!

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