So what’s next?

I have far too many choices at this point and I have no idea what to review next, and thats just in the bottles I own.  So I figured I’d see what you wanted an opinion on.  Maybe I have something you haven’t tried and would like a heads up on or about.  Anyway vote in the poll and I’ll review something this saturday night.

So enjoy, and I’d love to read the feedback so please vote if you have an opinion.




4 responses to “So what’s next?

  • G-LO

    I have voted. As I mentioned in a reply to your comment on the Baker’s review, I have a similar dilemma at the moment. Decisions decisions!

  • Chuck

    You should post a poll… you have a bigger reader base and it would likely be more helpful to you :). As for this one, looks like its Midelton (which I’m always looking for a reason to drink more of, but can never seem to do it since its a $135 bottle), then Maker’s 46, then Knob Creek. Should be fun 🙂

    • G-LO

      I think I voted for Midleton. It’s a wonderful whisky! The other two are pretty damn good too. Look forward to your insightful and detail rich reviews!

      And as far as my review queue, I think the line up will be as follows:

      Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt aka The Shackleton Whisky
      St. Isidore aka The Blogger’s Blend from Master of Malt
      Compass Box Oak Cross
      Laphroiag 10
      Booker’s Bourbon

      That’ll keep me busy for the next month assuming a minimum of one whisky review per week. Have quite the beer backlog too. Good thing I enjoy doing this!

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