Angel’s Envy – Expression 10/10 – 97-100

Price – 750 ml – $39.99 – (out of state  purchase – not available in NJ)

Method – Teaspoon of water in 50ml

Rating – 97-100

Review –

First thing’s first.  This has got to be one of the best bottle designs I have seen thus far.  The tall narrow bottle with the Wings coming through the whiskey from the back of the bottle is perfect.  But enough of that, onto the bourbon.

Only one word ran through my head as I took my first few sips of Angel’s Envy, smooth.  The lack of burn, both in the mouthfeel and finish is bewildering.  I immediately double checked the bottle to make sure I read the fact that it is a 86 proof whiskey correctly.  The taste of this whiskey fills your whole mouth immediately.

You can tell immediately that this is a product of Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, the man behind the 10 foot tall flavors of Woodford Reserve and Old Forester.  The bourbon is aged for 4-6 years in charred American Oak barrels, and then finished for 3-6 months in Port wine casks.  The most interesting thing to me is that the Louisville Distilling Company, the company that produces Angel’s Envy, is not an old distillery.  In fact this is their first bourbon.  Lincoln and his son Wes started the new company with the express intention of creating “a career culmination in two fingers of the finest bourbon you’ve ever tasted.”  I think he has done just that.  This is only the first expression of Angel’s Envy, called 10/10

The sweet maple and fruity flavors from the Port finishing casks explodes on your palate with stunning results.  The taste is sweet, but not cloying.  The drinking experience is top notch, and not one I expect to top any time soon from a bourbon.  This is a definite suggestion for fans of Woodford Reserve, and bourbon in general.  The finish is long and has amazing depth, going through at least 4 flavor transitions as the finish goes along.

As it stands, this is my favorite bourbon, taking the place of Maker’s 46 in a first round knockout.  I will re-buy this whiskey a long as they make it.

Official Website:

Official Description:  “Mr. Henderson describes his masterwork as “a warm spirit, lacking any hint of edginess, with ephemeral hints of port wine and a rich amber hue.” He explains, “My goal with Angel’s Envy is to produce a bourbon of exceptional character. Even with economic fluctuations, consumers want the opportunity to treat themselves to special indulgences, and I have created an affordable luxury that can be savored.” Lincoln Henderson sought to create the best-tasting bourbon on the planet. In our humble opinion, he succeeded.”


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